Milestone Planning

Financial Plans for Your Life

Whether it’s planning for your first home, your child’s education, or your retirement – your best plan is the one that starts NOW! Our robust financial planning approach is supported by a depth of knowledge and experience unparalleled in the industry.

What is "milestone planning"? It's two things:

1. Having an identified financial objective that is quantifiable both in terms of assets or cashflow, as well as timing.

2. A relationship between a genuinely advice-seeking client & Financial Advisor that allows for coaching in client behavioural finance.

What do we mean by "behavioural finance"?

Simple! There are many terms for this idea, but at its core it's all about personal accountability.

For the same reason why people get a coach at the gym to ensure they do the right things, in the right way, and at the right time - our clients benefit from financial coaching that is based on a plan as well as an explicit willingness to be coached into the right products, tools and strategies in order to achieve the intended goal(s). To plan without such commitment is a waste of resources, time and proves futile in most instances. 

At NOW, it's all about the client. Our financial plans are not about satisfying some corporate branding exercise, marketing initiative, or compliance requirement. It's about the client - plain and simple.


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