private equity

beyond public markets

Rethink & Diversify is a Canadian leader in the exempt market space, enabling retail investors access to private equity opportunities the public equity markets rarely provide. New Outlook Wealth believes in the freedom of advisors to bring a broad range of investment options to their clients in a non-proprietary environment. Private equity is a growing area for Canadian wealth managers to consider, and for professional financial planners to add enormous value to their client relationships.
New Outlook Wealth introduces clients to an Exempt Market Dealing Representative, who is a Private Equity Specialist. We are proud to leverage the skill set, knowledge and deep experience of Kevin Ziolkoski

What is an Exempt Market Dealer?

An Exempt Market Dealer ('EMD") is a registered securities dealer that raises capital for any securities that are prospectus exempt. Think generally of an apartment building, farmland, private loan, or even the corner convenience store as good examples of the type of investments being offered.
Another term often used is private capital investments. Before a business goes public and begins trading on the TSX after their Initial Public Offering, they almost all start out as closely-held private investments.
When a Dealing Representative meet with clients - they start by assessing the current portfolio, followed by a full know your client (KYC) assessment, and can only recommend an investment at that point if the client is qualified and if it is suitable for their circumstances. Many of these alternative investments are often RRSP and TFSA eligible.

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