it's all about... now!

New Outlook Wealth Inc. is a Winnipeg-based wealth & advisory firm.
Coordinating the best in asset management, financial planning, relationship management, digital wealth, and Fintech, we have developed a robust platform for clients and advisors alike to flourish.
The founders of NOW believe in many of the same values: clients come first, holistic financial planning, and doing what's right - and fair.
The idea of "fairness" is at the very core of what we do. We feel the Canadian wealth management landscape has swung, like a pendulum, away from serving all Canadians to serving a small minority.
That wealthy minority is pursued mercilessly by fierce competition - by the big bank's brokerages, the large mutual fund firms, and other well-known wealth management companies. But what about everyone else?
And what if - as is the case on the great Canadian prairies, the wealthiest folks are often the lowest profile people you'll ever meet. The one's who drive a 10-year old truck and walk into Costco wearing jeans and leather boots. The ones who would feel entirely out of place in a 25-story downtown office tower with granite counters and marble floors. Yes, the ones with $1M in their portfolio, a $100K float in the bank "just in case", busy running their $10M family business. Where do they go today?
We think the answer has become more apparent than ever. The answer is NOW.
- Michael van Lierop, Founder

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