portfolio management arrangements

BCV provides its clients with a genuinely red carpet investment experience. By using Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs) rather than mutual funds, BCV can offer its clients a vastly more transparent experience that is flexible, highly customized, and significantly more tax efficient.

BCV is an asset management firm dedicated to building and protecting client wealth, seeking to maximize long-term returns while minimizing risk. BCV offers an alternative to mass-market investment products, creating customized investment portfolios within SMAs.

BCV provides a high level of personalized and professional service and ensure that clients have a direct relationship with the Portfolio Manager entrusted with managing their wealth. BCV is able to provide this discretionary portfolio management service to investors whose household has a minimum of 300 thousand dollars of investable assets and are seeking alternatives to mutual funds or brokerage wrap accounts.

Purpose Advisor Solutions (PAS) provides the technology/AI, regulatory supervision, and portfolio management services that are at the core of NOW's digital wealth offering.

Harness is the registrant for PAS, and provides the digital platform for our clients. This is the portal our clients use to access their online accounts held through PAS.


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