Careers @ NOW

your future is now.

If this is what life as an Advisor looks like:

  • Decreasing and/or uncompetitive compensation
  • Increasing expenses and operating costs
  • Increasing compliance requirements
  • Embedded, systemic conflicts of interest
  • More time spent with compliance, less time with clients
  • Paternalistic, "top-down" corporate culture
  • Never-ending contract/compensation changes
  • Diminished recognition programs - if any at all
  • CRM that is more about compliance than clients or sales
  • Relentless obstacles to teaming & succession planning
  • Decreasing business valuation from dropping grid
  • Prioritizing credentials above performance
  • Fighting to stay on the grid
  • Decreasing field & sales support
  • Leadership that adds little or no value
  • Corporate priorities that are inconsistent with your own values

Then consider a future that looks like this, NOW:

  • Stable, highly competitive, level compensation 
  • No grid or levels - no embedded sales contest
  • Low operating expenses
  • Virtually all potential conflicts of interest removed
  • Grassroots corporate culture
  • Recognition programs & reward travel
  • CRM for financial advisors - for managing leads and clients
  • Freedom to team as desired
  • Flexible succession model, increased business valuations
  • Freedom to pursue higher education and new accreditations
  • Again, no grid
  • Robust, executive level field support
  • Where it's fun again to be an Advisor!
  • Corporate priorities that align perfectly with your values

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