Find an Advisor
agnostic to AUM


Get the advice you want and need, set apart from everything else.

Advice is all you want!

Maybe you're totally happy with your current investment portfolio or investment advisor. Maybe your investments are stuck in a pension, or are busy providing security for debt you carry. Maybe you have no investments at all!

With Advice-only, none of this matters. You pay an agreed fee to complete the financial plan that is separated entirely from related services or products, such as investment fees or insurance commissions.

Flat Fee Planning Model 

Get the plan you need, the plan you deserve, pay for it once, and get on with your financial journey!

These financial plans are robust, holistic, and contain all critical components, including:

  • goal setting & family objectives

  • cashflow management & budgeting

  • retirement (accumulation or decumulation)

  • insurance & risk management

  • debt & credit management

  • tax planning & reduction strategies

  • estate planning (Wills, PoA)

Subscription Planning Model by NOW offers every Canadian an opportunity to gain access to financial education, advice, and full-on financial planning - regardless of how big (or small) their investments are.

This service comes entirely separate from investments revenues or product sale commissions. It is entirely product agnostic.

Monthly plans start as low as $20 per month.