a charitable, travelling foodie

Eric Grabner

Eric has been a lifelong resident of Winnipeg, aside from a brief stint in Helsinki.

When not caring for clients, Eric is an avid traveler and foodie. When traveling you can find him in a museum or art gallery absorbing the local history and culture, or in search of the best local restaurants. The top 5 Michelin Guide restaurants are on his bucket list.

Cooking, and more specifically good eating, is a passion of Eric’s. He enjoys the experimentation and the satisfaction of making a meal from scratch for guests.

Eric has been a long-serving volunteer and board member with a number of Winnipeg charities, including the United Way, Manitoba Lung Association, LITE, and the Winnipeg Santa Claus Parade.

In the summer, although not particularly good at either, Eric is a runner and a beer-league softball player. In the frigid winter months, you’re likely to find him at a trivia night or ensconced in a book. Science fiction, fantasy, or history are some of his favorite genres.