Financial planner, foodie, linguist & collector extraordinaire – he’s a Jack of all trades!

Jack Wozniak

Jack is your friendly neighbourhood financial planner.  His selflessness, tenacity, optimism, and relatability make him someone you can root for and want to be associated with.  Over, under, around or through is his motto for getting things done for his clients. 

Jack has a love of food and can tell you all the great spots for a delicious meal with good value in Regina and anywhere he’s travelled.   He has passion for learning languages and has spent the last few years learning Japanese that culminated in a trip to Japan in late 2023 to immerse himself in the language, the culture, and of course, the food!

Jack is a collector.  From comics and coins to motorcycles and stamps in his passport.  But his most prized collections are his friends and the people that he has the privilege to call his clients.