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Michael van Lierop

Born in Quebec City in 1979, Michael has called Winnipeg home since 2012. Much of his formative life was spent in two very different places: Kelowna, BC, where he started schooling, only to move back to Quebec's Eastern Townships in 1989 where he "grew up" on the family farm, helping raise beef cattle and sheep when not in school. 

By the time college arrived, it was clear farming was not in his future, and after two post-secondary degrees in the Social Sciences, started his first entrepreneurial venture in Sherbrooke. In 2001, he launched a web communications and marketing firm - in the very early days of HTML and web design. It had its downside: working from home long before the days of Zoom made for a lonely existence. 

A few years later, he was drawn into the insurance industry for the first time and quickly embraced the career and lifestyle of a successful financial advisor. The satisfaction of helping clients, from achieving productivity results, of healthy competition among peers, and that sense of belonging (no longer feeling alone) all contributed to what ended up being a 20-year journey in the insurance and financial services industry that would lead him from Sherbrooke, to Vancouver,  and then Winnipeg.

In 2020, after one final corporate gig providing advanced insurance and estate planning strategies to HNW clients in Manitoba for 8 years, Michael launched his most ambitious venture yet: New Outlook Wealth. As the Covid-19 outbreak ravaged the world, career reflections became hyper-focused; it was clear that spending another 20 years doing the same thing with the restrictions that come with a corporate job (it was "the best paid dead-end job ever") was not going to work. If he was going to sacrifice his safe career for a risky venture, it was going to have to accomplish something unique - and so the NOW wealth management model was born.

Michael is an avid reader, news & political junkie, and lover of music, film and TV, and enjoys travel, road trips, sunshine vacations, and summer glamping (camping in his 30 foot camper). And yes, he is a Trekkie.

To boldly go...