Sidekick and Wonder Mom

Trish Wozniak

Trish is the Robin to Jack’s Batman, the Watson to his Sherlock Holmes.  Whatever adventure Jack is on, Trish is there to back him up.  Whether it’s raising their children, developing their acreage, travelling, working at the office, or backseat driving, Trish is there to help. 

Her joy lies with their children as she loves spending time with them and helping them pursue their passions and talents. 

When she’s not supporting her family and business, she is a reader and a “maker”, spending her time baking, crocheting, and crafting.  Trish and her daughter have also taken American Sign Language classes and can communicate at a very basic level with the deaf and hard of hearing.

Trish is dedicated to excellent customer service and strives to ensure that everyone feels heard and appreciated.