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It all starts with a plan

Financial Planning

NOW Advisors carry a wide range of professional credentials, extensive experience, and deep understanding of all the subjects that a plan touches on: cashflow, risk management, retirement income, decumulation, estate and tax optimization. While the approach might vary from one Planner to the next, the core principles are consistent throughout the NOW client experience.

Principle 1

We put clients first, always

At NOW, the interests of clients are paramount. Our entire wealth management model has been built to reduce the many conflicts of interest that remain embedded in the financial services industry in Canada today. We do this by separating financial planning and advice from investment management, something most Financial Advisors in Canada cannot or will not do. We encourage holistic, comprehensive financial planning that is agnostic to product or service provider. 

Principle 2

Nobody knows everything

Credentials may speak to an Advisor's competency in certain areas of advice, but one person alone cannot possibly know or understand everything. Financial planning is complex, constantly changing, and the ramifications of poor advice can be disastrous. At NOW, our clients are introduced to a wide range of experts to help them make the best decisions for their financial future. 

Principle 3

We protect our clients

Whether it's our dedication to operating our advisory practices in a cyber-secure IT environment, our commitment to providing our clients complimentary SideDrawer accounts to lock-down sensitive personal data, or it's our reliance on 3rd party asset managers and their custodians to hold client assets safely -- we go to great lengths to keep our clients safe.