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NOW Portfolio Managers

Professional Expertise

All Portfolio Managers have years of investment experience and the education / credentials required by regulators to manage client investments (ie: CFA, CIM designations). 

Next-Level Investing

Escape mutual funds for good with investment portfolios that put you in direct ownership of a clear, concise portfolio of assets. Enjoy exclusive investment approaches, styles and philosophies across a wide spectrum of managers.

Fiduciary Duty

Portfolio Managers have a legal duty to the client that obliges them to work in YOUR best interests only. This means that a Portfolio Manager can only make investment recommendations that serve your needs.

Discretionary Asset Management

All of our Portfolio Managers operate with full authority, ensuring client portfolios are responsive to market conditions and investment opportunities.

Lower Fees

All of our 3rd party asset managers share our vision of bringing exceptional investment management to Canadian investors at prices well below mutual funds. 


Transparency and clarity is the cornerstone of investment reporting from our Portfolio Managers. You should be able to understand what you own, what it's doing, and how much you're paying.