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To disrupt the Canadian wealth management industry by dramatically improving client freedom, choice, transparency, and access to professional financial planning.

A Plan for All

Financial planning, as crucial as it is for every Canadian, is quickly becoming an exclusive service reserved for the wealthiest. We believe this is wrong.

Lower fees

Investment management fees remain stubbornly high in Canada. Is this a lack of competition, transparency, regulatory enforcement, or all of the above?

Maximum choice

Every other aspect of the Canadian consumer experience is about choice and freedom. Why is traditional wealth management stuck in the 1980s?



We separate financial planning advice from investment management, empowering Advisors to focus on their strengths and in the process, eliminate the burden of compliance and the fear of creating conflicts of interest with clients.


We are always looking for new and creative ways to provide more value, increase access to advice and top-tier investment management - for ALL Canadians!

Educate & attract Financial Advisors

Financial Advisors in Canada have been brain-washed to believe there is only one way to provide wealth management. We are changing this.

Build & Grow

Recruit advisory practices, merge and/or acquire other advisory firms with a like-minded ethos and philosophy around a genuinely client-first approach.


"The status quo in the financial industry in Canada is not helping everyday Canadians. Wealth managers across Canada are all running after the same high-net-worth clients and leaving everyone else behind. Professional financial planning and low-cost, high-performance investment management should be available to everyone."

Michael van Lierop, President & CEO, Founder of New Outlook Wealth Inc.


"Before choosing to come to NOW, I did my due diligence. I explored my options and entertained several competing offers for my business. I chose NOW for the vision, for the strength of its unique approach to wealth management, and its powerful advisory model which serves my clients the best."

Jack Wozniak, Certified Financial Planner

Senior Vice President, New Outlook Wealth