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Why is this better for you?

An advisory model that separates financial advice from money management is THE most client-centric wealth management model in Canada.

Reduced conflicts of interest

These are greatly reduced. Your advisor can not influence investment recommendations, or sell a product or fund that pays them better or favours their dealer. They cannot qualify for rewards or recognition based on the things they have sold you. Your investment portfolio is not exposed to the invisible risks that permeate Canada's wealth management industry.

Discretionary Asset Management

Portfolio Managers, when opening your accounts, will obtain your permission to make decisions and act on investment opportunities on your behalf in a timely, efficient manner. They do not need to ask your permission every time they make a trade. This efficiency improves performance, responsiveness to markets, and removes another major conflict of interest -- who gets asked or informed first? 


A registered, licensed Portfolio Manager is the pinnacle of money management in Canada. A PM must have extensive experience and carry a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) or Charted Investment Manager (CIM) designation. A PM has a fiduciary duty to you, which means they have to legally work in your best interests.

Real investing for real people

Asset Managers partnered with NOW provide our clients the epitome of investment products in Canada, including access to Separately Managed Accounts (SMA) with public equities, pools, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), private portfolios, and even exempt-market private issued investments. 

Red Carpet Experience

NOW offers clients the best 2-for-1 deal since cheap pizza. Today, there is no such thing as cheap pizza, but you can still get enormous value when you make the right wealth management choice. Our clients' investment fees are routinely 25%-50% lower than mutual funds, and in addition to having their trusted Financial Advisor at their side, they also now get their very own Portfolio Manager! All for one low fee.

Invest like the rich do

At NOW, we offer clients with ANY account size a home. We have no account minimums. However, because many investment managers do, we leverage technology to deliver comparable (sometimes, identical) investment opportunities to all clients.

We also ensure clients with smaller investment accounts do not pay higher fees just because they have less money to invest.