high net worth planning

Wealth management, now

NOW is bringing the best in financial planning & access to wealth management to all Canadians, and that certainly includes those with more complex wealth planning needs.

Account minimum: Not Applicable

Unlike most wealth management firms that set asset minimums of $1M, we let our Advisors guide who should benefit from this level of advanced financial planning and who will appreciate the process the most. 

What does this process look like? Here's a sample, purely for illustration purposes:
Introduction to the Team

Advisor & their Team

President & CEO of New Outlook Wealth

Senior Tax Specialist

Advanced Financial Planning 

Discovery / Fact finding 

Fact finding with client

Document collection (investment statements, tax returns, insurance policies, wills, powers of attorney, etc.)

Interview client's professional team (accountant, lawyer, etc.)

Portfolio Analysis - Portfolio Manager

Comprehensive review of risk tolerance, exposure, weightings, fees.

Capital gains mitigation analysis


Portfolio proposal - Portfolio Manager

Financial Plan

Tax - current, short term modifications

Tax - future analysis, long term strategies

Debt / Cash flow management

Estate Planning recommendations

Advanced insurance strategies

Plan Deployment

Portfolio changes - Portfolio Manager

Financial plan changes - Advisor

Insurance changes - Advisor 

Tax changes - Accountant

Will changes - Lawyer

Follow up & Annual Review

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