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A Unique approach

The NOW Advisory Model

We very deliberately separate financial advice from money management.

Where it all starts.

Your Financial Advisor

Your Advisor is your financial planning general practitioner who understands your goals, needs, and priorities intimately, has helped you map these with a formal financial plan, and guides you along the path you've laid out.

Example: Your Financial Advisor is like your Family Doctor. She knows your medical history, your health goals, and your medical needs. She will diagnose problems and provide remedies, all while guiding you along a healthier trajectory. 

Your doctor is concerned about a persistently high blood pressure and heart rate. She sends you to the cardiologist.

A broad shelf of 3rd party asset managers

Your Portfolio Manager

Your Portfolio Manager is your investment specialist - a highly seasoned investment professional (with a CFA and/or CIM designation) who works separately from your Financial Advisor and has a legal responsibility only to you. Your Portfolio manager only manages your money, but they do not have your money.

Example: Your Portfolio Manager is like your cardiologist. Your GP/Family doctor referred you to him, and he has a specialization in heart issues. He takes the "big picture" health portrait from the family doctor, but takes no advice on how to do his job. Once complete, he reports back to the Family Doctor, keeping her looped in.

Your money is safe.

Your Custodian

The custodian is the institution that actually holds your assets in trust. Portfolio Managers that are selected by NOW only use the largest and most reputable custodians in Canada, including Aviso Wealth (Credential Securities); National Bank Independent Network (NBIN); Fidelity Clearing Canada (FCC).

Example: Your custodian is like the hospital. While visiting your doctor and cardiologist, you never left the building. Your health records, transcripts, and test results are stored - physically and/or digitally - with the hospital. In turn, this data is uploaded to a "shared health" electronic system, and is accessible by other hospitals and other health practitioners.