A new Outlook on wealth in canada


At most financial institutions, the more money you have the lower your fees. We don't believe that is fair. We bring low fees to all Canadians. We don't wait until you have $1M to invest. We do it right NOW!


Financial planning has become an industry buzzword. It usually means piles of numbers and graphs. A good plan is the one you understand and can get behind, not the one that you shove in a drawer. 


Mutual fund companies confuse clients with "advisory fees and MERs". We value transparency & clarity. At NOW, a "management fee" or "client fee" is all-inclusive. No hidden fees. No surprises. For non-registered money, it's also fully tax-deductible!


A New Outlook

At New Outlook Wealth, we believe in doing what's right for clients above all else. By deliberately separating financial planning from money management we have reduced the potential for conflicts of interest between Advisors and their clients. It means our Advisors can focus entirely on our client’s financial planning needs.
We have chosen a different path forward. A new vision that provides clarity, simplicity, and transparency. 

What we do

"Starting a new wealth management firm in 2020 may seem crazy. To the contrary, it's an ideal time to capitalize on people's desire for change. The status quo in the financial industry in Canada is not helping everyday Canadians. Wealth managers across Canada are all running after the same high-net-worth clients and leaving everyone else behind. This is wrong, unfair, and untenable in my view..."

Michael van Lierop, President & CEO, Founder of New Outlook Wealth Inc.

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